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What is Functional Medicine ?

Functional Medicine is a patient focused approach to identify the root cause of your chronic illness and define the triggers that interfere with your optimal health.

Functional Medicine combines the best of two worlds: Allopathic and Traditional Medicine. While there is merit to the advancements in medical technology and science, the tip of iceberg or band aid approach in treating your symptoms without understanding the depth of the inflammatory processes which cause your illness, leave you with nothing but the limited pharmaceutical options and their dire consequences to your health.

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We provide excellent, cutting edge, and high-quality medical care to the community we serve. We hope you will explore our site to become familiar with our practice and the conditions we treat. Our practice is centered on wellness with a focus on optimal health.

Our approach to patient health and wellness is based on specialized knowledge in approaches to treating complex chronic illnesses, acute minor illnesses, and for optimizing health. We integrate advanced modern and evidenced-based medicine with the powerful principles of root-cause functional medicine.

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“Health is the greatest of human blessings.”

~ Hippocrates

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